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Biomecanics for children


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Biomecanics and Biomechanics Institute of Valencia (IBV) has created this footwear taking into consideration the fact that crawling and walking are complementary and important ways of movement for those who are learning to walk. Having proper footwear, children learn to walk without assistance.

Children do not start to walk immediately after they stop crawling. It is a natural process. When a child first stand by holding some item (furniture, for example) and his feet touch the ground, the child gets self-confidence and his muscles and bones begin to strengthen. 

The progress is active until the first step of the child. Until that moment he crawls and walks, depending on what he wants to do in specific moments. If the child trusts himself, he walks and if he thinks that he might fall, then he crawls. Both ways of movement are proper and children may choose the way which is more convenient for them. 

During this process the first shoes for children have a very important role, as they might have direct influence for the development of the feet. Instead of restricting movements, footwear must stimulate natural and healthy development of the feet.

Shift from crawling to walking is a natural process during which the children gain self-confidence and their muscles and bones strengthen.

During this process they crawl or walk holding some item until they step their first strong steps.

During this process the footwear has essential role:

  • Instead of restricting movements, shoes must stimulate natural and healthy development of the feet.
  • Footwear must stimulate abilities of children to walk independently.

Company Biomecanics combines the newest technologies and the natural correct development of the children’s feet which was determined by evolution. The company offers children maximum freedom, safety and convenience in all stages of their growth.