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Puma Cosmic Bra M TZ

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Description of an item

Description of an item

Lead the way in performance and style. From the Trailblazer collection, this bra top provides ultimate comfort and flexibility throughout your workout. Breathable mesh inserts and a molded spacer add support and breathability so nothing can hold you back.

  • BACK BODY: 72% polyester, 28% elastane;
  • SHELL: 77% polyester, 23% elastane;
  • CUP LINING: 85% polyester, 15% elastane.
About Puma

About Puma


Puma‘s origin is one of those unusual stories in the world of athletic footwear. Practically, it is one of the two! Which one came second? Exactly... A company called Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik was founded in 1923 by two brothers in a small town located 20 kilometres from Nuremberg. The company made athletic footwear. However, it did not survive long. In 1948, each of the brothers went their own way and created their own businesses. The older brother Adolf Dassler managed the company Adidas (Adi – nickname, Das - the first syllable of his surname). The younger brother Rudolf Dassler founded the company Ruda. The name was soon changed to Puma. The Puma brand has been around since 1979 and still fares well today.

History of Puma

The first design made by Puma at Rudolf Dassler‘s shoe factory was the football shoe Puma Super Atom. The shoes were designed within the first year of the company‘s existence. In 1961, the manufacturer exported these shoes to Switzerland and the United States. The core of Puma‘s marketing strategy was signing contracts with famous sportsmen. Puma paid them for wearing its products during sports events. The first event of this sort was the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome. This was also the place where the Dassler brothers had their first quarrel.

Puma Trainers Online

At the Olympics, the German runner Armin Hary represented the Puma shoes. Until that point, he only wore Adidas for running. The collaboration between Armin Hary and Adolf Dassler ended when the sportsman requested payment for advertising Adidas. Adolf strictly refused, while Rudolf used this to his advantage. He generously paid Hary for promoting Puma’s production and did not lose on his bet because the sprinter won the final run while sporting Puma shoes. However, for the awards ceremony Hary chose Adidas footwear, hoping for a financial win from both of the companies. Unfortunately, Adidas did not follow through. Many sportsmen have since sought victory while wearing Puma shoes. Some of the names include Pelé, Eusébio, Nicolas Anelka, Guillermo Vilas, and Maradona. These days Puma trainers are the fashion favourites not only in the athletic field, but also in the street style.

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Puma Cosmic Bra M TZ


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