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Vagabond for women

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A homage to the aesthetics of the free spirit

That’s what this is. Fancy words, I know. But to us, they actually mean a great deal. Since the beginning of our Vagabond story, we’ve always held a few things sacred. And perhaps more than anything, our belief in fashion being a way of individual self-expression, of manifesting tolerance and of creating global micro communities through style.

We believe in design as a means to both take a stand for who you are and as a way of connecting with others who share your philosophy. That’s why we - in contrast to our general culture of constantly evolving - stubbornly stick with showcasing modern vagabonds in this publication. They inspire us. As they should inspire you.

Fashion can be a peaceful and joyful antidote to closed minds. Sounds a bit grandiose? Perhaps. But that doesn’t make it any less true. So for this issue of A Shoemaker’s Journal, we want to celebrate courage.

For us, that has been taking on the home of maximalist fashion ideas – Milan. The place where we humbly studied and learned in our early days, to where we’ve kept looking through the years that followed and where today we’ve established our own Vagabond market. Our own space in the Mecca of high fashion. We did it! And we’re oh-so-proud.

The two modern Vagabonds of this issue have fought norms, prejudice and perhaps some self-doubt just for the right to be who they know that they are. A luxury most of us take for granted.

So if our collection of AW 2017 is a homage to the aesthetics of the free spirit, this issue of the Journal is an homage to the ever inspiring courage of free spirits.

Here’s to us. Here’s to you. Wherever and whoever we are.