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EMU Platinum Esperence

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Description of an item

Description of an item

EMU Platinum Esperence- Made with the finest Australian sheepskin the EMU Australia Esperence is a super comfortable slide-on slipper. Life at Buckingham palace was never meant to be easy but with EMU Australia’s new Esperence slipper, William and Harry can put those cold days behind them. With superior comfort and warmth at the forefront of this design. The Esperence is sure to encourage another lazy winter’s day at home. Store them under your desk, next to your bed, by the door, or even in your car. This slipper was created to make staying warm easy. Made with the finest Australian sheepskin the Esperence features superior double stitched seams, embossed premium EMU branding and most importantly a durable hardwearing rubber sole so you can run outside and get the mail with ease.

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Size table

Size table

4 2 35 20,6  -  21,4
5 3 36 21,5  -  22,3
6 4 37 22,4  -  23,1
7 5 38 23,2  -  24,0
8 6 39 24,1  -  24,8
9 7 40 24,9  -  25,7
10 8 41 25,8  -  26,5
11 9 42 26,6  -  27,4
12 10 43 27,5  -  28,2
13 11 44 28,3  -  29,0
14 12 45 29,1  -  29,9
15 13 46 30,0  -  30,7


* Its possible that some carryoverd you can still get 35/36 and 40/41

About EMU Australia

About EMU Australia

EN vandeniui atsparus-en-min

Born from our origins, super soft 100% Australian sheepskin is thick,

lush and water resistant, leaving you feeling like you're walking on a cloud.

The ultimate in quality and comfort and the only sheepskin we use.

EN stebuklingoji merinosu vilna-en-min 

We love Australian Merino wool because it's soft, warm and naturally plush.

It's an entirely natural fibre, which is insulating,

aids breathability and contributes to odour resistance. 

EN puikiausia oda-en-min 

At EMU, we take our craft very seriously. We use the highest 
quality Australian leather, intentionally selected for its flawless 
beauty and soft feel.

EN minkšta zomša-en-min 

The velvet-like finish of suede offers the benefits of breathability,

durability without compromising on aesthetics. 

EN naujoviškas eva-en-min


EN woolmark-en-min 

The Woolmark logo is a registered trademark of The Woolmark Company, which is owned by Australian Wool Innovation.

The Woolmark indicates that our products have been independently tested as high quality woollen products.

EMU products that display the Woolmark symbol have been quality tested by the Woolmark company for compliance with its performance and fibre content (Woolmark indicates 100% wool).

Many EMU Australia sheepskin products are Woolmark accredited.



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EMU Platinum Esperence


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