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Keen WK400 WOMEN

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Description of an item

Description of an item

After three years of development and more than 5,000 miles of testing, KEEN introduces the WK400, a revolutionary shoe designed specifically to make walking more enjoyable and fun. People are walking more than ever before, and the benefits are enormous. Walking heals. It builds relationships. Improves health and reduces stress. Encourages creativity. And most importantly, it's a catalyst for change and the determination to stand up for what's right.

Through biomechanical laboratory research, KEEN experts have found that the body and feet act like a pendulum, causing the foot to move in a continuous curve as it walks (a pattern uniquely different from a runner's stride, which is more like a spring), and that existing shoes are not able to facilitate this foot movement. To improve this continuous curve, KEEN has developed the patented KEEN.CURVE™ technology. This technology combines continuous curve geometry, insole technology and a high-energy midsole to create an unparalleled sense of forward momentum that makes walking feel like rolling. In addition, a generous 30mm of forefoot lift provides an exceptionally smooth and easy transition from heel strike to toe-off, making every step easier. A 10 mm additional insert between the heel and the forefoot further enhances forward momentum and increases stability.

  • KEEN.CURVE™ technology;
  • Midsole - high energy;
  • Multi-surface outsole.

Country of origin: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia.

Size table

Size table

US UK EU Heel-to-toe in centimeters 
5 2.5 35 21.6
5.5 3 35.5 22.2
6 3.5 36 22.5
6.5 4 37 23
7 4.5 37.5 23.5
7.5 5 38 23.8
8 5.5 38.5 24.1
8.5 6 39 24.6
9 6.5 39.5 25.1
9.5 7 40 25.4
10 7.5 40.5 25.9
10.5 8 41 26.2
11 8.5 42 26.7
12 9 43 27.6
About Keen

About Keen

KEEN_Logo_10degreesKEEN is a values led, outdoor footwear brand with a mission to responsibly create original and versatile products, improve lives, and inspire outside adventure. Founded in 2003, KEEN ignited a revolution in the footwear industry with the introduction of the Newport sandal, launching the concept of Hybrid footwear into the market and setting KEEN on a path of driving consistent product innovation that exists today.


1: Live outside... together

 We believe outside is better than inside. That outside doesn't have to be about bagging peaks or going on epic solo adventures. We eat, sleep, hike, walk, work, and play outside... every day. All day. It's good for our health. Physical and mental. We believe going outside alone is boring. We like to share our outside with friends and family. Our dogs and our kids. We know that living outside is better when we include others. All others. Outside is our happy place. res.

2: Be original in everything

 We were not born to follow.

We do not ask for permission. From the products we create to the events we host, we believe in making things that have never existed before. We will try anything. ANYTHING. We think it's fun. If we fail, we do it fast and live to play another day. against us

3: Make original goods that last

Our products help keep people safe and comfortable when they go outside. We protect their toes, keep them warm and dry, prevent them from slipping. Our fans trust us to protect them, and we will not let them down. They look to us to show them a better way.. Next

4: Do the right thing

We believe the world would be a better place if more people stood up and did the right thing. We believe in being there for others in their time of need. That talk is cheap. We like to take action.

5: Create with conscience

We believe in making our planet healthier and building strong communities. From the materials we use, to how we develop and make our products, to how we treat the folks who craft our trusted shoes, we are conscientious about what we make and how we make things. Our goal is to leave this place better than we found it.

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Keen WK400 WOMEN


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