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Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

Here are some of the questions most frequently asked by our clients. If you haven't found an answer to your question, contact us by e-mail: or by calling to our customer service: +370 (5) 2080009(all weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m., except holidays) 


How can I return my order?

If you didn't like what you've purchased, you can return the goods in 365 days after the purchase day. The goods can't have been worn or lost its marketable look. 

There are two ways to return the goods:

1. Returning at the on-line Open24 shop: log into your account (register, if you haven't before, by clicking "Join in" and "Register" at the top of the home page. Register and sign in). Click "My orders". There you will see the list of your purchased goods. Find the product that you want to return and click "Return goods". Then follow the instructions. 

2. Returning at a local Crocs or Open24 store. Take the product and the order number with you or print out this purchase confirmation. 


I returned the goods. When can I expect my money back?

 When you fill out the form for returning the goods, the system will generate a message "Return completed". The money for the returned goods will be transferred on a work day — Thursday. The longest period for the money return is two weeks, counting from the day of goods return.

Attention: obliges to return the money paid for the goods, except for the delivery fees.


The goods that I have received are damaged. What should I do?

All goods are subject to 24 months warranty. In case of factory defects Open24 obliges to return the money paid for the goods or exchange the defected goods for others. In case of factory defects, the client must fill in a goods return form, select the option "Defect" and specify the reason for return. If you are not sure if the warranty applies to your case, contact us by e-mail: or phone: +370 (5) 2080009.


Can I wash Crocs footwear in a washing machine, dry close to radiators or other drying devices?

We don't recommend washing Crocs in a washing machine. Don't leave Crocs in high heat or hot sunshine either. Don't dry them close to radiators or other drying devices. High temperature may deform your Crocs.


You don't have the product that I need. How can I find out when the product of a specific size and colour will be back in stock?

We suggest subscribing to receive an automated message, when the preferred size and colour will be back in stock. In order to subscribe: find the goods you like at Open24, choose the colour and size, and enter your e-mail, where you wish to receive the message of the goods being back in stock, into the field below.


I have heard about Open24 loyalty program. Why should I join it?

When we created our new loyalty program, we strived for one thing - to thank you for your loyalty. This is precisely why 10% of your purchase amount turns into points, which you can use for covering of 50% of the next purchase amount. And this is not the end: this card is valid for all our retail outlets and the online store After all, there can never be too many shoes!

What are the benefits of a new loyalty program?

  • More benefits. Now 10% of the amount of each purchase turns into points that are stored on the card and valid for 120 days from the last day of your purchase.
  • It is easier than before. If you want to buy at the store, you will not need to ransack in the purse, the backpack or pockets and look for the loyalty card - it will be enough to tell the cashier your e-mail and the points will be transferred to your account automatically. 
  • Individual attention. If you register for a loyalty program, you, as the exclusive customers, will be the first to know and you will be able to take advantages of the sale discounts before the sale evin begins. 
  • The recent news. You will be the first to know about new collections of footwear and other goods, their complement and other relevant information.
  • Exclusive offers. The special loyal customer offers will be provided only for you.

How is it possible to know how many points I have?

You can see your points clicking the button “Log in” at the top of the page, entering your data and connecting to your account.


How do I know if the footwear size matches mine?

Opem24 provides size charts (see "Size chart" button) under the photos of the goods with preliminary insole length dimensions in centimetres. As you pick your size, we suggest using the insole length dimensions and client recommendations on the right. If the model, size or colour doesn't fit (of you don't like it), you can return the footwear that wasn't worn and hasn't lost its marketable appearance in one year. 


How do I know what Crocs stores can offer me a certain size and model that I liked?

You can find out, which Crocs stores have the size of the model that you liked by taking the following steps: Find the goods that you like on Open24, choose the colour, size and click "Where can I get this?" below.