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About Reima

“Reima” is the world's leading Finnish brand of functional children's clothing. Functionality, safety, sustainability and innovation are the essential ideas of Reima design.  High-quality, long-lasting and sustainable products are a smart investment in an item that, without losing its aesthetics and functionality, can delight even several seasons or more. In the manufacture of clothing or footwear, the durability of materials is evaluated by performing certain automated tests. The durability and longevity of the products, easy maintenance of the fabrics, design that never goes out of fashion, environmentally friendly, recycled, organic materials are just some of the solutions that "Reima" uses to nurture the ideas of ecology and sustainability. in 2020 “Reima” presented its first monomaterial products in 2022. even 80% of the clothes were made from sustainable materials. Reima Group's revenue in 2021 exceeded pre-pandemic levels despite two consecutive years of activity being impacted by COVID-19. Growth was stable in all markets. All three Baltic countries occupy the first 5 places in the global Google ranking in terms of brand interest.

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