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About Diadora

An Italian company focused on the production of sports-style casual footwear and clothing for the whole family. “Diadora” sneakers, depending on the specific purpose of the shoe, are produced with the help of as many as 36 different technologies, such as effective cushioning of the sole of the shoe, moisture resistance of the footwear, lightness, air permeability, protection of the sole against wear, etc. Each technological solution is well thought out and adopted to satisfy or even exceed the expectations of the most discerning buyer. The main values are authenticity, craftsmanship, innovation. It is very important for this brand that competitiveness and recognition are linked to the value of sustainability, so the brand has won the "EcoVadis" gold medal, which is awarded to companies that pay special attention to fostering the ideas of sustainability and social responsibility in their activities. “Diadora” footwear is an opportunity for all family members to live an active and comfortable life and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.